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The perfect domain name for your website

The domain registration is the first step of those who want to start an online business: this is an important step because the domain name is a sort of sign for our business and is, in effect, one of the elements characterizing our online presence.

One of the first choices to be addressed, therefore, is where to buy the domain and, possibly, the accessory services for the launch of a new website. In this article, therefore, we will not dwell on what should be the criteria for choosing a good domain name but, much more pragmatically, we will try to figure out how to choose the right service provider with which to register good names.

After giving the reader the tools for an informed choice, finally, we will review those that, in our opinion, are the best companies to buy a domain, in fact, there are dozens of companies that offer the ability to register a web domain and to be able to untangle between offers and “technical features” may prove to be not always easy, especially for those who are beginners …

Before addressing our discussion, however, it is good to clarify some fundamental concepts that can not be taken for granted.

  1. What is an internet domain ?

    The internet domain is a name that precisely identifies the name of a private person, entity or company, of an organization on the Internet.

    ┬áDomain names are the basis of Internet and web and allow you to reach websites on the network “in text format”, thanks to the DNS system. The domain name system, (often referred to as DNS) is a system used for the resolution of names of network nodes (in English host) in IP addresses and vice versa. The service is implemented through a distributed database, consisting of DNS servers.

    The DNS name also denotes the protocol that regulates the operation of the service, the programs that implement it, the servers on which they run, the set of these servers that cooperate to provide the service.

  2. What is a Hosting service? What is it for?

    The hosting service consists of renting a small piece of web server (a server always connected to the Internet and equipped with special software and hardware features) in which to upload your website.

    It is good to specify, in order to avoid easy confusion, that hosting is a different service compared to the registration of the domain … even if, very often, the two services are sold together.

  3. What is a web server?

    A web server is a computer, equipped with special hardware and software features, constantly connected to the network and identified by a unique IP address.

    The servers, normally, are equipped with large computing capacity (most often have several CPUs), a large amount of memory (several GB of RAM) and a huge storage capacity (sometimes even several Terabytes).