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The perfect domain name for your website

The domain registration is the first step of those who want to start an online business: this is an important step because the domain name is a sort of sign for our business and is, in effect, one of the elements characterizing our online presence.

One of the first choices to be addressed, therefore, is where to buy the domain and, possibly, the accessory services for the launch of a new website. In this article, therefore, we will not dwell on what should be the criteria for choosing a good domain name but, much more pragmatically, we will try to figure out how to choose the right service provider with which to register good names.

After giving the reader the tools for an informed choice, finally, we will review those that, in our opinion, are the best companies to buy a domain, in fact, there are dozens of companies that offer the ability to register a web domain and to be able to untangle between offers and “technical features” may prove to be not always easy, especially for those who are beginners …

Before addressing our discussion, however, it is good to clarify some fundamental concepts that can not be taken for granted. Continue reading

No need to cook anymore with robot chefs

Your time will be spent on other more important things,outher than stay on the stoves in the kitchen.For those who will have the chance to buy this robot.Just program the robot and succulent meals will be cooked in a few minutes,  and don’t even need to wash up afterward.


Finally there is a clock alarm which makes a coffee

I always thought of finding a way to have a clock alarm which makes also a coffee. I was thinking simply  to put the plug of a heating pad into a digital timer,and just set the time for be able to wake up with fresh coffee smell. I know that there are already some coffee makers with timers for sale ,but they are not exactly the same as a programmable clock alarm.

MISA DIGITAL KITARA – Cool Futuristic Guitar Sinth

The instrument of the Winter NAMM 2011, not a trivial MIDI guitar, not the classic product that wants to replace conventional guitars, but a real revolution that unites a multifunction touch pad, for loading presets, editing sounds and the effects in real time while playing in different modes one or more sounds of wave table integrated. MISA DIGITAL KITARA is therefore a guitar synth with MIDI and USB output to even play the virtual instruments on your computer, or your hardware MIDI synthesizers or samplers stand-alone …

Easily transform your normal bike to electric

It is new  add-on electric bike conversion kit made by an Austrian company, very small and unobtrusive and can be mounted and dismounted from the bike easily, allowing the transfer on our favorite bike.

Anti Gravity Cars

The secret of antigravity was discovered by a Dutch physicist, ‘Hendrik Casimir in 1948.Casimir, born in The Hague in 1909, is best known for his work on superconductivity, a strange phenomenon in which certain materials, when cooled to very low temperatures, they lose all electrical resistance (recently physicists and engineers welcomed enthusiastically the discovery of some superconductors, which must not be supercooled, but can operate at room temperature).